Board of Directors

The governing board of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington is composed of members of the business community, professionals, current parents, as well as former parents; all of whom lend their expertise to help the Yeshiva meet its fiscal responsibilities in addition to the general goals of the institution.


2021-2022 Officers

Mr. Abe Zwany – President
Rabbi Ozzie Burnham – Vice President
Mr. Eli Rutstein - Secretary
Mr. Kevin Babitz – Treasurer

2021-2022 Board of Directors

Mr. Jeffrey Cohen
Dr. Michael Elman
Dr. Jeremy Goodman
Mr. Adam Herman
Mr. Daniel Klatzkow
Mr. Adam Mervis
Mr. Nick Muzin
Mr. Andrew Penn
Mrs. Barbara Price
Dr. Marcel Reischer
Dr. Jeremy Schnittman
Mrs. Rachelli Simon
Mr. Shlomo Spetner