Computer Science

Computer skills are integrated into most secular subjects.  In addition, the following courses are offered. Computer Science classes may be taken to fulfill one credit of the science graduation requirement.

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Introduction to Computer Essentials, focus on Applications (Grade 7)
By the end of the year, through hands-on lab work and class lectures, the student will have gained basic keyboarding and computer application skills: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, desktop publishing and internet research.
Computer Integration (Grade 8)
This is a continuation of Computer Applications I, taken in the 7th grade. Rather than a class focused primarily on computer skills, computer skills are taught in conjunction with projects from teachers of other subjects, thus integrating computers into the curriculum.
Advanced Computer Applications
This is a project based course using software applications such as Word, Excel, Access, and Publisher.  Students are also introduced to web site design technology.
Introductio to Computer Programming using Java
Using the Java Programming language, students are introduced to development of algorithms, variables, data types, control structures, functional decomposition, and Object-oriented design.


Computer Science Documents (click to open or save):

Computer Resources Pamphlet
Computer Use Permission Slip

 Computer Science Instructors

Mrs. Laurie Cohen Department Chair
Intro to Comp Apps
Adv Comp Apps