Important Dates and Forms 

Arrival: 31 August 2020 / First Day: 1 September 2020

Yeshiva Gedolah Calendar - Note: Calendar start has shifted by one week


Yeshiva Gedolah

The Yeshiva Gedolah serves intelligent and mature talmidim who are focused on becoming serious bnei Torah, committed to making limud haTorah the major focus of their formative years.  The Yeshiva Gedolah provides a quality three seder yeshiva education on par with larger yeshivos, together with the personalized interaction that only a smaller yeshiva can offer.

The Yeshiva's iyun seder places a major focus on talmidim developing their own learning skills, rather than merely being able to echo a shiur. The shiurim are given at a very high standard, emphasizing the analytical skills required to develop self sufficiency in learning. Accordingly, senior talmidim are expected to give chaburas on a regular basis. The Yeshiva's bekius seder stresses clarity and retention. The talmidim are encouraged to say shakla v'taria on the weekly limud, demonstrating mastery of the material. 

The Yeshiva offers a warm and unique atmosphere in which one's development can thrive, catering best to those who are self motivated in making learning their priority.  In addition to the regular yeshiva sedarim, weekly shiurim are given on a variety of Hashkafa topics enabling talmidim to meet the challenges of today’s society. The Rebbeim develop personal relationships with the talmidim, which are especially significant at the important crossroads of each talmid's life. The Yeshiva is especially proud that these relationships continue well beyond the years in Yeshiva.    

As our talmidim progress and develop, they gain a derech halimud for iyun, an impressive repository of bekius in Shas, and a viable life hashkafa- embodying the character of a true ben Torah.


YGW in the Community: Passion for Learning-Preparation for Life