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Letter from the Headmaster

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  • Rabbi Yitzchok Merkin

    The educational philosophy of the Yeshiva can be encapsulated by the Talmudic statement יגעת ומצאת. With reference to the study of Torah, it states, “You will toil and you will find.” The Talmud does not say “You will toil and you will be successful”. Finding something connotes discovering something new. Toiling in Torah can accomplish much more than the acquisition of knowledge. The process of toiling and challenging oneself are the catalysts to discovering one’s hidden strengths.

    We encourage our students to look at bumps in the road as opportunities for growth. Embracing challenges fosters a strong sense of self.

    The word Yeshiva comes from the word yishuv – settlement; an appropriate word to describe this type of institution, as the goal of a Yeshiva is to prepare one for life. People’s journeys through life can be very demanding; our program with its commitment to excellence is demanding as well, ultimately helping coach our students for their individual journeys.

    We are blessed with principals, Rebbeim, Moros and General Studies teachers who are deeply committed to helping their students grow.

    For close to 60 years, we have been producing men and women who understand the centrality of Torah; committed to being successful in whatever endeavors they choose, and making a difference in their respective communities.

Letter from the Rosh HaYeshiva

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  • Rav Ahron Lopiansky

    The tree that is our logo is a lot more than a generic metaphor for growth and the like. Rather it underscores the three basic tenets of our core educational philosophy: Roots, base and branches.

    Chinuch starts with Torah becoming rooted deep within the soul of the talmid. This means that the rebbeim need to possess a personality that connects; the teachings that inspire; and a program that as a whole develops the entirety of the talmid.

    It continues with establishing a base as firm as can be: the unabashed primacy of Torah above all. Life has many components and complexities, but it all needs to emanate from Torah, and circle back and bring to Torah.

    Finally, Yeshiva must be a place where all the branches of life and living are taught in a way that compromises neither the quality of its own discipline, nor its fidelity to Torah.

    Our school, standing proudly for over fifty years, was founded on these principles by Hagaon Harav Gedaliah Anemer zt”l. It has produced generations of extraordinary talmidim who display the success of this approach. They are proud and ehrliche yidden engaging in every walk of life. There are rebbeim and Roshei Hayeshiva, surgeons and lawyers, businessmen and developers, craftsmen and artists, and almost every other vocation. All of them, committed and dedicated, knowledgeable and understanding, faithfully striving to fulfill Yirmiyahu’s charge:
    השכל וידע אותי!

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The Yeshiva of Greater Washington-Tiferes Gedaliah (YGW) is a community-based school on two campuses in Silver Spring, Maryland. We have separate Boys and Girls Middle and High School Programs; a Yeshivah Gedolah/College Program; a Kollel; and community-wide programming. YGW emphasizes the primacy of Torah while providing exceptional general studies instruction. Our students graduate with the passion, preparation, and priorities necessary for life, as well as a healthy sense of self and community.
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