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Academic Leadership

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  • Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky, Rosh HaYeshiva

    HaRav Ahron Lopiansky is a son-in-law of Rav Beinish Finkel zt”l, the illustrious Rosh Yeshiva of Mir Yerushalayim. He learned in the Mir for decades, and continues the mesorah of his rebbeim Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz zt”l and Rav Nachum Partzovitz zt”l. The Rosh HaYeshiva is one of the world’s greatest experts in Jewish philosophy and is also a prolific author and sought after international lecturer. With his sharp insight and warm personality, Rav Ahron guides talmidim to excel in their learning and mature as true bnei Torah.
  • Rabbi Yitzchok Merkin, Headmaster

    Rabbi Yitzchok Merkin is a world renowned mechanech and a talmid of Rav Yitzchak Hutner, zt”l, of Yeshivas Rabbi Chaim Berlin. He is one of the leaders of Torah Umesorah and has spent many decades training rebbeim and advising menahalim across the country. Rabbi Merkin holds an MA in Psychology and Education and spent several years in a special graduate training program in educational theory and instruction under legendary theorists Ernie Stokowski and Madeline Hunter. For nearly four decades he has helped bring YGW to its current status as a highly respected Jewish educational institution.

Boys Division

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  • Rabbi Amram Hes, Menahel

    With years of personal involvement in YGW dating back to his days as a bochur, avreich kollel, and rebbe, Rabbi Hes is uniquely equipped with a profound grasp of the yeshiva’s inner workings. Under his guidance, the Boys Division has doubled in size, yet he maintains close personal relationships with every student.
  • Rabbi Shimon Wiggins, General Studies Principal

    Formerly the General Studies Principal of Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael in Atlanta, Georgia, Rabbi Wiggins possesses years of experience in addition to innate vibrancy and depth, infusing the General Studies Department with sincere passion. As both a ben Torah and a first-class educator, he embodies YGW’s core values.
  • Rabbi Moshe Shields, Middle School Coordinator, Assistant Principal

    Moshe Shields is entering his 20th year of Chinuch in Silver Spring. He joined YGW in 2020. Born and raised in Toronto, he learned in Yeshivos Bais Yisroel and Ner Yisrael and earned a Masters in Educational Supervision and Administration from Loyola University in Chicago.

Girls Division

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  • Rabbi Zev Katz, Menahel

    Rabbi Katz has been leading YGW’s Girls Division for 36 years. His work is guided by the legacy of his uncle, Rabbi Gedaliah Anemer z”tl, as well as by his own commitment and compassion. He is a master educator whose goal is to nurture the potential for greatness in every student, trusting that the lessons and ideas imparted between seventh and twelfth grade will bear fruit when it matters later in life.
  • Mrs. Yael Cortell, General Studies Principal

    Mrs. Cortell joined the YGW staff seven years ago as the Principal of General Studies. She has been teaching for 20 years in a variety of schools and adult education programs and has a master’s degree in Secondary English Education from Johns Hopkins University and certification in teacher mentorship and administrative leadership.

Yeshiva Gedolah/Kollel Zichron Amram

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  • Rabbi Eliezer Kreiser, Mashgiach Ruchani

    As a graduate of Beth Medrash Govoha, Brisk, and the Mir, Rabbi Kreiser transmits the mesorah that he has amassed to his students, instilling them with love of Torah and the determination to grow. He serves as an exemplary role model to the boys and a close consultant of the menahel.
  • Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold, Rosh Kollel

    Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold, the Rosh Kollel of Kollel Zichron Amram, is a talmid of the Telshe Yeshiva and Kollel where he absorbed fire, zeal, and a responsibility for the community from his Roshei HaYeshiva. Rabbi Reingold interfaces with and inspires talmidim of all ages in many settings. He is the founding Maggid Shiur of Kollel Dirshu Gemara and Halacha, where he says an early morning Gemara Shiur and a nightly Mishna Berura Shiur. He is a frequently sought after posek and baal eitzah.

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The Yeshiva of Greater Washington-Tiferes Gedaliah (YGW) is a community-based school on two campuses in Silver Spring, Maryland. We have separate Boys and Girls Middle and High School Programs; a Yeshivah Gedolah/College Program; a Kollel; and community-wide programming. YGW emphasizes the primacy of Torah while providing exceptional general studies instruction. Our students graduate with the passion, preparation, and priorities necessary for life, as well as a healthy sense of self and community.
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