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  • The ultimate goal of a Torah education goes beyond the accumulation of knowledge.

    It is a total learning experience designed to penetrate not only the mind but also the heart and soul. Growth can only be measured by the degree of personal commitment to Torah values and how these ideals become an integral part of the talmid's personality and life.

    YGW’s Middle School program for grades 7 and 8 is geared specifically to the needs of that age group with special extra-curricular activities. Students at this age need greater involvement, supervision and feedback, and we will partner with you to provide these in ways that are meaningful.

    We nurture each individual to fulfill his potential by inspiring the heart, mind, and soul of every talmid. Daas Torah guides all our philosophies, goals, and operational guidelines to live a life guided by Torah. We are committed to offering a well-balanced curriculum offering excellence in Judaic and General Studies education, allowing each student to communicate clearly, precisely and logically, both orally and in written form. Our students are able to deal with the world with Derech Eretz - respect, honesty, and integrity - and show gratitude to Hashem and others.

Mesivta Progam

Every aspect of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington-Tiferes Gedaliah is infused with and inspired by a fierce love and devotion for Torah and Yiddishkeit. Our ultimate goal is to guide every student to a life of Torah learning, instilling passion and dedication into each ben Torah in our care. We provide top-quality shiurim with an emphasis on independent learning, resulting in graduates who are actively sought out by prominent yeshivos.

YGW’s dual-track high school program is geared to preparing talmidim to live as fully committed observant Jews both within the Klal (Jewish community) and in the secular world. Our students aspire to higher education in both Torah and general studies, enrolling in the world’s finest yeshivos and universities after graduation. Our staff of highly qualified teachers provides a stimulating General Studies curriculum complete with college preparatory instruction, including Honors and Advanced Placement courses and the opportunity to earn college credits before graduation, priming our students for higher education and life as professional Torah Jews.

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  • Rabbi Amram Hes

  • Rabbi Shimon Wiggins

    General Studies Principal
  • Rabbi Eliezer Kreiser

  • Rabbi Moshe Shields

    Middle School Coordinator
    Assistant Principal

  • Mrs. Yaffa Klatzkow

    Office & Admissions Administrator

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The Yeshiva of Greater Washington-Tiferes Gedaliah (YGW) is a community-based school on two campuses in Silver Spring, Maryland. We have separate Boys and Girls Middle and High School Programs; a Yeshivah Gedolah/College Program; a Kollel; and community-wide programming. YGW emphasizes the primacy of Torah while providing exceptional general studies instruction. Our students graduate with the passion, preparation, and priorities necessary for life, as well as a healthy sense of self and community.
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